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Workspaces are a collaborative hub for your team.
In an Orbit workspace, you and your teammates can create and share feedback, interviews, objectives, opportunities, opportunity solution trees and roadmaps. By inviting your teammates to a workspace, you can ensure that everyone has access to the resources and information they need to be successful.

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What is a workspace

Workspaces are where teams create and collaborate in Orbit.
You can switch between workspaces in the side menu.

Workspace members

Workspaces are made up of members. These are the signed-up users in Orbit on a specific workspace. There is no limit to the number of members on a workspace. The members tab on the settings page allows you to see your workspace members.

Inviting team members to a workspace

Invite team members to your workspace via the side menu.
You can also add members via the members tab on the settings page.

Create a new workspace

If you have multiple teams and want to separate work. Create a new workspace by navigating to the workspace section in the side menu.
  • Select: create new workspace.
  • Choose the name and URL for your workspace.
  • Invite your team.
  • Tadaa! Your workspace has now been created.
You can now switch between workspaces in the workspace section in Orbit.

Workspace details

You can access your workspace details on the settings page, under the workspace tab.

Change workspace name

Creator+admins can change the name of a workspace via the workspace tab in settings. If you want to change a workspace URL you can do so by contacting us at [email protected]

Deleting workspaces

You can delete a workspace in the workspaces tab on the settings page. Your workspace will be active for a further 48 hours before being permanently deleted. Only creator admins can delete a workspace.
💡Tip: Only creator+admins can create a new workspace. If you need to create a new workspace you will need to contact your admin. You can see who the admin is on your account by accessing the workspace tab on the settings page.