❔Why Orbit

Orbit is a next-generation platform for product and marketing teams. Built for customer obsessed organizations, who want to make better decisions about their customers and their business.

Understanding customer needs is essential to creating great products and impactful customer experiences. Unfortunately, product, marketing, UX and customer insight teams struggle in three key areas:

  • Customer data is scattered across docs, spreadsheets, support tools, meeting recordings, videos and whiteboards. It takes hours to uncover valuable customer insights or they go undiscovered.

  • Making better decisions based on customer data is difficult. Even if teams have access to unstructured data, analyzing and synthesising data is difficult to do at scale. Product teams and marketers miss out on opportunities for growth.

You deserve better. Orbit makes centralizing and analyzing your customer data easy, and helps customer-centric companies build better products.

How Orbit helps customer obsessed teams.

πŸ“£ Centralize product feedback. Capture and centralize feedback from customers and colleagues. Build a single source of truth for product feedback and customer needs.

πŸŽ™Transcribe customer calls. Upload video and audio files and get accurate transcripts in minutes. Capture opportunities from your research. Visualize opportunities and insights on your opportunity solution tree and roadmap.

πŸ’‘ Crowdsource ideas. deate, test and discover winning solutions that address real customer needs. Allow your team and organization to co-create and brainstorm solutions to real customer and product opportunities. πŸ€– Copilot: Enable anyone in your company to learn more about customers, uncover pain points and opportunities, and make better decisions.

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