Learn how to work with the tools you already use
Orbit helps you make the most of the tools you already have.
Use integrations and embeds to keep in sync with the tools in your stack.
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🔌 Slack

Orbit's Slack integration is a powerful way to help bring product feedback directly into Orbit your feedback channel, from your slack workspace. This is a helpful way to get your colleagues involved in your product work and give them the ability to give feedback in one centralized place.
🎓 Learn more about your slack integration in detail here.


Moving from discovery to delivery is simple with Orbit's JIRA integration. Easily bring the insights, research and decision making from your opportunities and solutions into a JIRA project. Link back from JIRA issues to your Orbit workspace and keep all of your development work customer-focused.
🎓 Learn more about your JIRA integration in detail here.

Embeds and links

Orbit helps you keep whiteboards, design files, spreadsheets, product data, slides and docs in the one place. If design, strategy or other related work is sitting outside Orbit, keep it all together and in sync with link embeds. 🎓 Learn more.