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Close the loop and tag customers to feedback and interviews.
Managing interviews and feedback is easy. Link customers and people to feedback and interviews, and close the loop with feedback and requests.
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Creating customers

Create customers and people from interviews and feedback notes. Tag feedback and interviews with customers and make it simple to search and filter based on interview participants, or specific customers who provided feedback.
Create, edit and tag customers from interviews or feedback notes.

Creating and managing people

Just like adding customers, you can add people to a feedback note or customer interview. People have a many to one relationship with customers, so you can add several people to a specific customer and make it simpler to tag, filter and organize your work.
Hover over the customers field to manage and edit customers or people. You can also email people directly from interviews or feedback to keep customers in the loop.
Hover over the customers field to add, edit or email people and customers.

Filter customers and people

Filter feedback and interviews by customers and people. This makes it easier to drill down on requests, feedback and interviews related to specific customer or person.
Use filters to manage interviews or feedback.