Centralize customer conversations, feedback, and requests from intercom in Orbit.

Connect to intercom and centralize customer conversations in your Orbit workspace.

Connecting to Intercom

Get started by navigating to your integrations page. Enable the Intercom integration and follow the steps to connect to your Intercom account, via the pop-up window.

Adding conversations to Orbit

Now that you have connected your Intercom account to your Orbit workspace. You can start adding conversations directly into your feedback channel.

Add a title, label and assignee and send directly to your feedback channel in Orbit.

You can now access and manage intercom conversations in your feedback channel in Orbit. If an email has been provided, or if the visitor or user has an existing profile in Intercom, this will be added to your feedback note.

Analyzing conversations in Orbit

Now that you have added your conversations into Orbit. You can analyze feedback, along with the rest of the notes in your feedback channel.

Removing your integration

If you need to remove your Intercom integration, navigate to the integrations page and disable the integration.


Make sure that you have the right permissions for both your Orbit and Intercom account. This is important when enabling, disabling the integration in Orbit and managing the integration in Intercom.

If you have any issues connecting or managing your intercom Integration. Please contact [email protected]

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