Transcribe and manage your customer interviews. Create opportunities from customer conversations.

Orbit helps you transcribe customer interviews and capture opportunities from customer conversations. Save hours of work and quickly access valuable insights from your customer interviews.

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How it works

Orbit's transcription model harnesses the power of advanced artificial intelligence to provide users with fast and accurate interview transcriptions.

Trained on over 650,000 hours of audio data, Orbit's model delivers human-level performance in transcribing audio content.

With real-time capabilities and support for multiple languages, Orbit's transcription service is perfectly suited for transcribing your customer interviews.

Additionally, our model can automatically detect the number of speakers in an audio file and associate each word in the transcription with its respective speaker. This saves time and makes it easy to get value from your customer interviews.

Filters, tags, and search make it easy to build a living repository of customer research for your whole company.

Uploading and transcribing interviews

To get started:

  1. Create a new interview from the top of the interview list.

  2. Add an interview title.

  3. Upload a file or transcribe an interview. You can save files without transcription by uploading a file. If you need transcription, click on transcribe an audio or video file and follow the steps.

  4. Assign personas and labels to make search and filtering easy.

Managing speakers

Orbit's model will pick up individual speakers, and separate them in the transcript. Once the transcript is ready, update the speaker names. This will update speaker names across the entire transcript.

Creating opportunities

Create opportunities from your interview transcripts. This allows you to capture relevant insights from your research, link to existing opportunities, or create new ones. Highlighting and creating a new opportunity will add a new opportunity to your backlog. The highlight will be linked back as evidence in the opportunity. Highlighting and adding to an existing opportunity will add that insight as evidence in the existing opportunity.

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