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Product feedback

Start capturing feedback and discover product opportunities.
Product feedback comes from many directions. Too often, valuable product feedback is kept in spreadsheets, docs and delivery tools.
Move away from disjointed feedback and create a single source of truth for customer needs, requests and pain points in Orbit.
Capture product opportunities from feedback, and map them on your opportunity solution tree or your roadmap.
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Capture feedback and create notes

Notes allow you to document raw research data and feedback. Whether this comes from customer interviews, sales, support, or online reviews, Orbit allows you to centralize it in the form of notes.
Document notes and create opportunities in the feedback section.

Connect slack

Connect your slack workspace, and start capturing feedback directly from your conversations in slack. Learn more.

Capturing feedback from stakeholders and your team

When a note is created in Orbit, it will have a source. Sources are where the feedback originates from. If a note is created manually in Orbit, the source will be the user profile who created the note.
In Orbit, you can connect to your tools via integrations. This allows you to send notes to Orbit from your other tools.

Creating opportunities from feedback

Highlight text and create opportunities directly from a note. You can also highlight a section of a note and link it to an existing opportunity. This is captured as evidence and linked under the opportunity. This is helpful if you want to start building evidence and context behind an opportunity.
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Managing and tagging feedback

Adding personas, labels, and assignees makes it simple to manage notes in the feedback section. You can add personas, labels and customers directly to a note. This means you will be able to filter and search feedback easily, without having a messy backlog of notes to work through.