Welcome to Orbit πŸ‘‹. Orbit helps you create winning products and impactful customer experiences, by managing product strategy, planning, discovery, and research.

As a viewer you will be able to see all of the important product strategy, research and decision-making that is essential to your organization's success. You will also be able to comment on work in Orbit and keep connected with all of the critical research and product work in Orbit.

πŸ’‘ You can also learn more about getting started in Orbit in our Quickstart guide.

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What is a viewer

A viewer has read access and can make comments in Orbit.

You can check if you are a viewer by navigating to the settings page.

How can I change my user role?

To change your user role, you will need to contact your admin. If you can't contact your creator admin, you can reach out to support via the help section or email [email protected]

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