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Dive into our easy-to-follow Quickstart Guide, designed to help you seamlessly set up, configure, and start using Orbit in no time.

Getting started

Orbit helps teams centralize product feedback, manage customer interviews and make better decisions. Start building better products today.
📹 Ready to see Orbit in action? Jump into our interactive Demo, designed to give you a hands-on experience with Orbit.

Centralize your customer data, and make better decisions for your customers and your business.

🗣 Product Feedback
Collect and manage feedback from customers and colleagues. Centralize product feedback in one place and quickly discover patterns and opportunities. Learn more.
🎙 Interviews
Upload, transcribe and manage customer interviews. Filter interviews based on personas and labels and capture product opportunities from your interview transcript. Learn more.
Use AI to uncover themes, unlock growth opportunities, identify pain points, create personas and more.
🎯 Objectives
Create and share your product strategy, and product objectives. Align your team and link these to your research and discovery activities. Learn more.
🧑‍🦳 Personas
Create, define and share customer personas. Link personas to customer feedback and opportunities you uncover from product discovery. Learn more.
🌳 Opportunity Solution Trees
Uncover opportunities and solutions from research. Map opportunities and solutions to business and product objectives. Learn more.
🗺️ Roadmaps
Rally around your plan and keep your product work linked to customer needs with roadmaps. Learn more.
🔭 Visualizing your work
Visualize and share your product strategy and discovery work. Learn more.
🔌 Integrations
Connect with the tools you already use to uncover new product opportunities. Take validated solutions into your product backlog with development tool integrations. Learn more.