🌳Opportunity solution trees

Create, map, and prioritize opportunities and solutions on your opportunity solution tree. Map assumptions and track experiments on a simple, powerful canvas.

Orbit gives you the flexibility to manage product opportunities in backlogs, opportunity solution trees and roadmaps. Opportunity solution trees are a great way to do the following:

πŸ”­ Visualize your product discovery work.

🧭 Map and prioritize opportunities.

πŸ’‘ Brainstorm solutions to customer needs.

πŸ§ͺ Track experiments and test assumptions

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Using your opportunity solution tree

Trees in Orbit are designed to keep your product work on track and focused on outcomes.

The tree structure has the following hierarchy.

  • Objectives - The desired outcomes of your product team

  • Opportunities - The needs and pain points uncovered by research.

  • Solutions - The potential solutions that would address those opportunities.

Once you have created an objective. Link opportunities by dragging and dropping an opportunity on top of your objective.

Create opportunities from your backlog, or create them directly on your tree. Create sub-opportunities by dragging and dropping on to other opportunities.

Create solutions and map them on your tree. Document product experiments, and assumptions and create PRDs using solution documents. Invite your team to collaborate and brainstorm.

Opportunity solution trees keep your solution ideas linked to customer needs and product outcomes.

Search, filtering and hiding branches

Hide branches to make your tree simpler, as you focus on specific opportunities.

Use search and filtering to focus on the right opportunities. Filters will simplify your tree so you can prioritise and focus your work.

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