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Visualizing and sharing your work

Keep your team involved and in the loop.
Visualizing your thinking is a crucial part of communicating product decisions. Communicating strategy, decision-making, and customer needs is an important step to keep stakeholders and your team engaged.

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Share work with your team.

Copy and share links with your team. You can use links to share feedback, interviews, objectives, personas, opportunities, solutions, opportunity solution trees, and roadmaps.
The link will include a reference to the workspace. Users with creator, contributor or viewer access to the workspace will be able to access that resource via a link.
Use links to share your work with your team

Sharing: Users and permissions

Creators: Creators have full access to edit, update and organize an Orbit workspace. This includes creating and sharing links.
Contributors: Contributors can create feedback, and comment on opportunities and solutions. Contributors can view and access links created in Orbit
Viewers: Viewers can view and access access links created in Orbit