Connect Orbit to 1000s of tools with our Zapier integration

Connect your apps to bring customer conversations, surveys, feedback, and the rest of your customer data into your Orbit workspace.

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πŸ’‘ Learn how to set up a Zapier integration in Orbit.

Connecting to Zapier


  • An active Orbit account.

  • A Zapier account. If you don't have one, sign up here.

Steps to Connect Orbit with Zapier:

  1. Access Integrations in Orbit:

    • Navigate to the 'Integrations' page within Orbit.

    • Browse through the available integrations. While some integrations are native to Orbit, others can be set up via Zapier. If you identify an integration you need via Zapier, proceed to the next steps.

  2. Search for OrbitAI on Zapier:

    • Log in to your Zapier account and access the dashboard.

    • Utilize the search bar to locate the 'OrbitAI' app.

  3. Initiate Connection:

    • Click on the 'OrbitAI' app.

    • Select the 'Connect' option. Upon doing so, you will be prompted to input your Orbit account credentials.

    • You will need to generate an API key from your settings page in Orbit to connect to Zapier. Copy and paste the API key as instructed, from the menu on your settings page.

  4. Authorize Access:

    • Provide Zapier with the required permissions to interface with your Orbit account.

    • After successful authorization, you'll be seamlessly redirected to Zapier, where a confirmation message will greet you, indicating a successful connection.

Setting up your integration


  • A connected Orbit account on Zapier (see the section above).


  1. Create a New Zap: On the Zapier dashboard, click on 'Make a Zap'.

  2. Choose and configure Trigger App: Search and select the app you want to integrate with OrbitAI. Set up the trigger as per your requirements. This is the app that you want to send data into Orbit from. For example, if I wanted to move data from a survey tool like Typeform into Orbit, Typform would be the trigger app.

  3. Choose and configure an Action App: Search for OrbitAI and select the desired action you want to perform in Orbit when the trigger is activated. For example, if I am sending data from Zendesk I can capture the support ticket contents, the customer email and the title of the ticket. Orbit will automatically populate the customer field based on the email that has passed through via Zapier.

  4. Test the Integration: Before finalizing, test the integration to ensure the trigger from the chosen app correctly initiates the desired action in Orbit.

  5. Activate the Zap: Once you're satisfied with the setup, turn on the Zap. Your integration is now live!

Migrating data into Orbit

Are you currently using another tool or have some of your work in spreadsheets and docs? You can migrate data into Orbit free of charge. Just email us at [email protected] and we'd be happy to set up for you.

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