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Create opportunities and organise them in your backlog
Orbit gives you the flexibility to manage product opportunities in backlogs, opportunity solution trees and roadmaps. Backlogs are a great way to quickly add new opportunities, add context and create beautiful, shareable PRDs.

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Organize your product opportunities in your backlog

Opportunities, solutions and evidence

The best product teams consider multiple solutions to customer problems and opportunities, and those problems are best uncovered by thorough research.
Orbit helps you manage both product opportunities and potential solutions. You can also document and link evidence to get the full context.
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Managing your backlog

Create new opportunities directly from your backlog. Assign labels, objectives, priorities, assignees and ratings from your backlog view.
Add labels, objectives, assignees, priorities, and ratings from your backlog view
Use statuses to manage your product opportunities. Statuses are customizable, so you can create a workflow that suits your team. You can add and edit statuses at the top of the backlog.
Use statuses to manage opportunities in your backlog
Move opportunities between statuses using the opportunity menu.
Update opportunities using statuses

Opportunity properties

Add context to your opportunities, and make searching, filtering and prioritizing easy with properties. Add properties to your opportunities via your backlog, or inside the opportunity page.
Add properties to opportunities to give context and make search and prioritization easy.