Centralize customer interviews, salls calls and more with Orbit's Zoom integration.

Connect to Zoom to import, sync, transcribe, and summarize recordings from Zoom.

In this article:

  • Connecting to Zoom

  • Managing Zoom recordings

  • Removing the Zoom app

  • Troubleshooting and support

Connecting to Zoom.

Get started by navigating to your integrations page. Enable the Zoom integration and follow the steps to connect to your Zoom account, via the pop-up window.

Managing Zoom conversations.

Once you have connected to your Zoom account. You can both import and sync recordings. You can also choose to auto-transcribe and auto-summarize conversations with your Zoom integration.

When importing existing recordings, select the files you want to import. If syncing is enabled, new recordings will be automatically imported into Orbit, after being processed in Zoom.

Once you have imported Zoom recordings into Orbit from your Zoom account, or if recordings are synced, they will be available in the interviews section in your Orbit workspace.

Identify recordings from Zoom via the source property. You can also filter interviews using this property.

You can add customers, personas, labels, and more to your Zoom recording. You can also start analyzing data from your Zoom recordings immediately with Orbit's Copilot.

Removing the Zoom app.

To disable the Zoom integration. Disable from the integrations page in Orbit.

Support. If you experience any issues with the Zoom integration, such as managing recordings or transcriptions, please contact [email protected] or chat with support via the in-app support channel.

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