Plan, track and prioritize your work with roadmaps.
Roadmaps in Orbit help you plan, prioritize and share progress with your stakeholders.
Orbit's roadmaps are simple enough to share with people outside your team and flexible enough to fit your team's workflow.
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Creating roadmaps

To get started, navigate to the Roadmap section in the side menu, and follow the prompts to create your first roadmap.
Once your roadmap is set up, you can add existing opportunities from your workspace.

Managing multiple roadmaps

Create additional roadmaps and manage multiple roadmaps in the same workspace. Edit, delete, rename, and switch between your different roadmaps using the dropdown menu at the top of the page.

Linking insights

Add customer interviews, feedback, and insights from other tools to your opportunities and view preview them on your roadmap. This allows you and your team to trace back to the customer needs and insights relevant to your product opportunity.
Add evidence to opportunities and make insights available to everyone in your organization.

Filtering and searching

Use the search bar to find specific opportunities, solutions, and evidence. Apply filters to narrow down your view and focus on relevant items.
Stay focused on objectives by filtering opportunities.

Viewing roadmaps as a contributor and viewer

Contributor and viewer roles can view and comment on roadmaps. Learn more about contributors and viewers.