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Creators and creator admins

Learn about creator and creator admin roles.
Welcome to Orbit 👋. Orbit helps you create winning products and impactful customer experiences, by managing product strategy, planning, discovery, and research.
As a creator, you have a front seat to build better products with Orbit. In this guide, you can learn the ropes before getting started as a creator, and can learn the difference between a creator and creator admin.
💡 You can also learn more about getting started in Orbit in our Quickstart guide.

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What is a creator?

Creators are your user researchers, product managers, marketers, product operations, engineering and customer insight teams.
A Creator has full access to create, edit, update and organize an Orbit workspace.

What is a creator admin?

Creator admins are your product and design leadership, IT managers or anyone needing oversight on workspaces, users and billing. A creator admin has full access to create, edit, update and organize an Orbit workspace. A creator admin has access to billing and workspace settings. Creator admins can also manage users and integrations.
Creator Admin
Create, edit, update and organize an Orbit workspace
Invite new members to a workspace
Create a new workspace
Delete a workspace
Access billing
Manage and remove members from a workspace
Set up and manage integrations
View integrations
Create and manage roadmaps
Create and manage feedback
Create and manage objectives
Create and manage opportunities
Create and manage personas
Create and manage solutions
Create and manage opportunity solution trees

User roles and status

You can check if you are a creator or creator admin under the team tab on the settings page.