Why Orbit

Orbit is a next-generation product management platform. Built for teams that care about customer needs.
Understanding customer needs is essential to creating great products and impactful customer experiences. For product teams, making decisions about what to build comes down to great product discovery and research. Unfortunately, Product, UX and Customer Insight teams struggle in three key areas:
  • Research is scattered across docs, spreadsheets, video files and whiteboards. Valuable research is often lost or duplicated.
  • Most product management software focuses on roadmaps or feature requests. Unfortunately, this turns most teams into 'feature factories', and product discovery is disconnected from product objectives and real business outcomes.
  • Valuable customer insights live outside the reach of product teams, in support tooling, slack, CRM and emails. Valuable Insights are untapped as these tools are not built for product management or research.
Product and UX teams deserve better. Orbit elevates product discovery to the same level as product delivery and helps customer-centric companies build better products.

How Orbit helps Product teams.

📣 Centralize product feedback. Capture and collect feedback from customers and colleagues. Build a single source of truth for product feedback and customer needs.
🎙Transcribe customer interviews. Upload video and audio files and get accurate interview transcripts in minutes. Capture opportunities from your research. Visualize opportunities and insights on your opportunity solution tree and roadmap.
📈 Create and share your product strategy. Map opportunities, solutions experiments and assumptions. Connect product discovery work to OKRs and rally around your product vision and your roadmap.
💡 Crowdsource ideas. Ditch the idea of feature requests. Ideate, test and discover winning solutions that address real customer needs. Allow your team and organization to co-create and brainstorm solutions to real customer and product opportunities.
🔌 Integrations. Connect with the tools you already use with powerful workflows and integrations.